• Tiffany Stone from Utah Jewelry Pendant Set

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    Gorgeous pieces of Beryllium Stone or Tiffany Stone create this pendant and matching earrings.  They are wrapped with sterling silver wire.  The earring French wire is sterling silver as well.

    Pendant approximately 2 3/4 by 1 1/4 inches    

    Earrings approximately 1 1/4 inches long and 3/8 inches wide.  

    PDN 2425j   

    Tiffany stone is a rare opaque gemstone found only in a small region of southwestern Utah. For years, it was available only as a minor by-product of the Brush-Wellman beryllium mining operation. When the mine was closed to collectors, the tiny supply of tiffany stone was cut off, seemingly forever.  These pieces came from a fellow who use to work in the mines many years ago, thus the high quality of the piece.