• Tennessee Fresh Water Pearls Pendant and Necklace

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    This gorgeous Tennessee Fresh Water Pearls Pendant and fresh water pearl necklace are created using half round 14k/20 gold fill wire.  Enhancing the necklace, which is approximately 18 inches in length are soft iridescent white glass leaves.  Fresh Water Pearl bracelet is included.

    Pendant:  3 x 1 inches

    PDN 2481j

    "In the 1960s and 1970s a few small cultured freshwater pearl farms were launched in Tennessee and California. The start of this industry coincided with a rise in popularity of pearl jewelry in the United States. Cultured freshwater pearls were available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and were accepted by many consumers. 

    Tennessee has been the leading state for cultured freshwater pearl production since the 1960's. Enough pearls are produced there to make Tennessee one of the top ten gemstone-producing states on the basis of value since the 1970's. 

    Today the American Pearl Company is the only producer of freshwater cultured pearls in the United States. They produce cultured pearls in a wide variety of shapes and colors." ...Geology.com