• Mookaite Purple Toned Pendant

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    Two Mookaite Cabochons in purple tones were combined to create this lovely wire wrapped jewelry pendant.  The pendant is wrapped with 14k/20 gold fill wire.

    Pendant size:  4 x 1 1/4 inches 

    PDN 2238j

    Mookaite (sometimes spelled Mookite, or just called Mook Jasper) is colorful Jasper from Western Australia. It is a warm flood of reds, yellows and browns. It is formed as sediment in erosion zones and as a filler in cracks.

    Mookaite is named for where was first found — in outcrops, principally on Mooka Station (a sheep farm of around 700,000 acres), on the west side of the Kennedy Range in Western Australia. According to locals, the Aboriginal word "mooka" means "running waters", no doubt in reference to the many fresh water springs that feed Mooka Creek.