• Hells Canyon Petrified Wood Jewelry Pendant

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    This gorgeous Hells Canyon Petrified Wood Pendant is wire wrapped with 14k/20 gold fill wire.  It is said you can't get this wood any more in Idaho/Oregon because they built a dam.

    Pendant Size: 1/2 x 1 1/4 inches

    PDN 2252j

    "Back in the ’50s, a lucky rock hound unearthed a cache of petrified wood in the Hell’s Canyon gorge.  Not long afterward, the Brownlee dam was constructed, flooding the entire area.  Meanwhile, the rock hound, not knowing what to do with all that pet wood, buried it near his house.  There it sat, for decades, until it was dug up by his family; who sold what they had to a fellow named Tony Schultz in an estate sale.  Sorry I missed that one! 

    Now mind you, this isn’t just any ol’ ordinary petrified wood.  The species has been identified as sequoia, by well known expert Walt Wright, and the best of it is riddled with vugs of agate, said to have been the result of dry rot in the tree." According to Sam Silverhawk Gemstone.