• Hawaiian Sea Glass with Scottish Sea Pottery Pendant


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    These gorgeous pieces of Hawaiian Sea Glasson top and Scottish Sea Pottery found on the beaches of Edinburgh, Scotland on the bottom are wire wrapped with 14k/20 gold fill wire.  The pottery has a bamboo look in cream, green and a touch of brown tones.

    Pendant size:  4 x 1 3/8 inches

    PDN 2293j

     Scottish Sea Pottery:  Today, there are very few visible remains of the kilns and workshops and it is only with the help of old maps that we can pinpoint the extent of the potteries. Remnants of the products can be found on the beaches, where damaged and imperfect pieces were dumped. Different kinds of domestic pottery shards can be found of, mainly, tableware such as bowls, cups, plates and small jars. Pieces of round earthenware saggars, which held the pottery when it was put into the kiln, are found, together numerous three legged clay stilts or ‘craws’ taes’ used to separate each piece of ware to stop them from sticking together in the saggars. The potteries left their mark on the landscape.