• Brazilian Agate Jewelry Pendant-2

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    A gorgeous Brazilian Agate Jewelry Pendant on a seed bead and ceramic bead necklace.  The necklace is approximately 18 inches long.

    Agate one of the commonest of all rock-forming minerals and one of the most important constituents of the earth's crust. Chemically, it is silicon dioxide, SiO2. Agates are identical in chemical structure to jasper, flint, chert, petrified wood, and tiger's-eye, and are often found in association with opal. The colorful, banded rocks are used as a semiprecious gemstone and in the manufacture of grinding equipment. An agate's banding forms as silica from solution is slowly deposited into cavities and veins in older rock. Important sources of agate are Brazil, Uruguay, and the United States (Oregon, Washington, and around Lake Superior). The moss agate or mocha stone contains visible impurities in the form of dendritic shapes that resemble moss.

    Pendant size: 5 x 3 1/2 inches

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